The Digital Recovery Sequencer Test Set (DRSTS) was developed to provide a full end-to-end test of the DRS and MASS electronic sequencers used on the ACES II ejection seat.  The DRSTS provides simulated inputs and measures the timing of initiator firing sequencer outputs.  

The DRSTS, via a serial channel in the test connector, performs discrete element diagnostics on all the sequencer's redundant electronics and verifies its full functionality. The DRSTS is designed with safety lockouts to prevent power application in the event all cables are not connected prior to test.

In the self-test mode, the DRSTS employs a complete wrap-around capability using the test cables to verify its functionality prior to sequencer testing.  All interconnecting cables are stowed in a stowage compartment in the lid.

The DRSTS is powered by 120V/60Hz standard power and is provided with cables to test both the DRS and MASS sequencers.  While currently only available for the FIGHTER configuration of sequencer, it can be updated to test other ACES II sequencer configurations.