FAST Upgrade: In 1998 the NACES Sequencer design was updated to eliminate component obsolescence.  The resultant design was called the Future Advanced Sequencer Technology (FAST).  The FAST upgrade includes expanded environmental sensing capability utilizing 21 sensors, extensive event recording during an ejection, continuous environmental sensing and a dynamic mode.  The FAST sequencer utilizes modern COTS surface mount components enabling significantly improved performance and capabilities.  This new FAST sequencer incorporates advanced processors with over 12 MB of program memory and 6 MB of event recording while retaining all the fail-op/fail-safe features of the original NACES Sequencer design.  The FAST sequencer is fully supported by the existing O/I Level Tester TTU-515/E.  To date over 1700 units have been delivered to USN/USMC/FMS users.