​​Digital Recovery Sequencer:  The Digital Recovery Sequencer (DRS) was developed as a replacement for the Analog Recovery Sequencer used on the ACES II Ejection Seat for USAF/FMS F15, F16, F22, F117, A10, B1B, B2 aircraft.  It features a modern set of fail-safe/fail-op electronics unaffected by single point failures.  The COTS electronics are programmable and expandable for a variety of applications and recovery sequence improvements.  It also includes a solid state 3-axis accelerometer for incident recording and post ejection analysis.  The Power Module is removable for periodic time changes leaving the electronics module installed in the seat.  An external connector is available for field testing using the DRS Test Set which will perform a complete functional test of the unit to ensure continued mission readiness.  The DRS uses the existing environmental sensor from the Analog sequencer and will perform one of 3 preprogrammed recovery modes.  Since introduction in 2005, over 7500 units have been delivered to USAF/FMS users.​